Zavier’s first day blues has now turned even bluer, now that he is down with cough, flu and a fever. Not that it’s unexpected though, it seems like the norm for kids to fall sick when they start school as their bodies get used to the multitude of germs floating around.

It’s like an initiation phase- everyone ends up stronger thereafter.

Die, damn illness!

The doctor recommended a 2 day stay away from school, and since Mama Toh took a big chunk of her working day yesterday bringing Zavier to the doctor and to her parents, I decided that it was my time to contribute by taking a day off to care for Zavier today.

Hopefully my boss wasn’t too anal about the last minute leave request though.

But family always comes first

Very thankfully, the kids managed to have a very fun filled long weekend before Zavier fell sick and Summer had to endure going to school alone for these 2 days.

First we went to an indoor playground

A dip at Gong Gong’s house

Lantern carrying with YiYis

Botanic garden with YeYe NaiNai

That pretty much sums up our very eventful weekend! Quite sure a few strands of white hair sprouted out whilst managing the kids during all these activities though.

Now as I wait for Zavier to take his afternoon nap, I have already done the following:

– Fed him medicine

– Washed and hung the clothes (there’s no end to this)

– Went to the supermarket to buy portobello mushrooms and salmon to cook for lunch

– Made him take a morning nap

– Fed him his snack of fruits

– Cooked lunch which he rejected save for for mushrooms (my kids really don’t like western food it seems)

– Scrambled to find him an alternate lunch of cheese and eggs and fruit

– Showered for him 

– Fed him medicine for the 2nd time

– Cleaned up after lunch

What?? It’s only 1pm??

Thank goodness I had a beer. I might fall asleep faster than Zavier does.


One day stay home dad