Summer’s school held its annual Chinese New Year celebration on Monday, and you bet she wasn’t the only one excited about it. Because parents were invited as well, it gave me a very valid excuse to take a day off from work and effectively enjoy another long weekend. Whoop!

By Summer’s demand, we brought Zavier along. For some reason, Summer has always loved showing off her little brother to her classmates, not unlike how we used to show off our latest toys in Primary School.

‘Everybody say hello to my didi!!’
‘This is my didi!’
‘Look at my didi!’

The only thing more amazing than her patience is repeating such chants is the patience of her classmates in repeating their fascinated replies.

‘Look at Summer’s didi!’
‘Hello Summer’s didi!’
‘Wa Summer’s didi is here!’

Kids never seem to get sick of repetition. I should know, I have involuntarily gone through at least 10 showings of Frozen.

We were almost late but thankfully still managed to squeeze into the school before the lion dance commenced. All the kids were sitting in anticipation of what is very possibly the first up-close lion dance they are going to see in their lives.



We're here!

And then the real fun started when the drums started beating and 2 lions made their way into the school.

Unexpectedly, at least to me, several kids began bawling at the sight of the lions approaching. It was almost as if they had seen their first examination paper of their lives.

Some of the teachers were hugging and consoling 3 kids each and to be honest, it was quite a funny sight.


Mayhem ensues

But amazingly the cries died down when the lions started to regurgitate out sweets (in addition to the usual lettuce and oranges). Candy seems to be the best method to solve any cries.


New mayhem in the rush for candy

After which all kids proceeded to their own classrooms to engage in artwork with their parents.

The sad thing is, some kids did not manage to partake in the activity because well, their parents did not come to the event.

Note to parents: ALWAYS make the effort to turn up for school events. It means the world to your kids.

Since Summer’s best friend was one of those who didn’t have her parents at the event, we decided to include her in our artwork activity!



And so here you have it! The completed product!


Act chio