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A Very Ostentatious Trim

Grandma Toh (that’s my Mum) has been bugging us for weeks, on an almost daily basis, to bring Summer for a haircut now, complaining that fringe has  reached a length of such epic proportions that it will affect her sight.


Yes, Grandma Toh sometimes has the tendency to exaggerate slightly...

I wasn’t all that keen given that I actually wanted Summer to grow out her fringe like millions of other girls out there, and well, if the below hairstyle is possible, who are we to complain about a little over-grown fringe?


I'm guessing this functions as a bullet-proof helmet as well

Alas, like all men out there, I am severely allergic to nagging, especially from Grandma and Mama Toh. And so for my own peace, I succumbed and brought Summer out for a haircut at Junction 8.

When it comes to haircuts, I am notoriously cheap (Mama Toh will say that I am actually cheap on a lot of other things as well but that’s another thing altogether). How cheap? I actually spent a good 7 years telling a Malay neighborhood barber shop that I am (still) a University student just to score a student price of $8… saving a grand $1 from the full adult price. Win. I wonder how the good old barber actually gave me the benefit of the doubt for 7 years straight.

Anyway after all too many concurrences of the barber only opening shop at his desire, and many wasted trips for me, I have since upgraded to QB House, paying $10 (now $12) for the efficiency, which over time is well worth it. If there’s one worse thing about me than my cheapness, it must be my impatience.

Due to my allegiance with QB House, this has also naturally been the place we have been bringing Summer for her bi-monthly cuts so far, which somehow only happened on weekday mornings when we were on leave. And it turns out, QB House is uber crowded on weekends. There must have been at least 15 people queuing for a haircut at that time. Unbelievable! I did a mental calculation and if QB House’s claim of 10 minutes per cut was true, we would have to wait at least 2 hours for Summer to get her 2 minute fringe trim.

At this juncture I had a couple of options:

A. Queue for QB House and contemplate life for the next 2 hours
B. Go for Jean Yip next door and wait zero minutes while spending double for a 2 minute fringe trim
C. Go home and return another day, whenever that is
D. Go home and attempt to cut Summer’s hair myself

Given my lack of skills (D) was quickly ruled out and a vision of Grandma Toh’s angry face swiftly put an end to my procrastinating choice of (C).

The mental dilemma finally ended when my impatience won over my cheapness, and Summer went ahead with a $22 cut (more like a quick trim but the word cut makes me feel better paying so much) at Jean Yip.



Yes, my daughter, not yet 4, has already had a more expensive hair cut than I ever had in my 32 years of existence.


Vain pot grinning


To be fair, the hairdresser was really patient, asking for feedback regularly and being really gentle and careful with Summer. Not sure if he was just feeling guilty for charging $22 for a quick trim and hence trying to extend time, making me feel better, but at least it made Summer sit still.

Generally pleased with the experience but given the relatively easy trim for a generic hairstyle, QB House will still be my go-to next time. On a weekday morning.


Obviously she is pleased


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