This is gonna be a short one because… well there isn’t that many updates since the last post.

This week served a very timely reminder to Mama Toh and do myself regarding phone usage in front of the kids. 

Stop using your phones else we’ll leave the house

Whilst I have been quite ardent on not bringing my phone to the bedroom once I am home, Mama Toh the perennial social media/online shopping user (addict) is guilty of that every night. 

However, for some unbeknown reason the kids seem to be pretty tired this week, and want to sleep by 9.30 pm daily.

This is quite a fix for me, because it is far too early for me to go to sleep, yet I have to be in bed to pet Summer while Mama Toh does the same to Zavier. To kill those 30 minutes or so till I properly lie down to sleep, I brought my phone into the room. 

Yeah, lame reason I know. On hindsight.

And of course I didn’t get away with it.

On one of the nights, 5 minutes after falling asleep, Summer suddenly opened her eyes and saw me on my phone, mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook updates.

‘Papa if you keep using your phone how do you concentrate on hugging me?’

Err ok. Shame on me.

Mama Toh got the same message 2 days later. Our kiddo has really grown up.

Dear parents, your kids are much more important than the photos of what your friends cooked or ate for dinner.

Get out if you want to use your phone