At the end of last week, little Zavier boy made the inevitable plunge to start full-day school at 18 months.

In some ways, it’s a bit more taxing to him compared to Summer, given that Summer only started school at 20 months (or was it 22?) and started with a half day schedule for a good 6 months or so before going on full day.

But I guess there isn’t much to debate about this given that both sides of our parents are now occupied with the little infants.

Plus he has a maid to take care of him in school.

Full fledged service

Initially he adapted quite well when all of us went into school with him on the first day, and he managed to take his breakfast on his own quite well.

Surprisingly independent

Some company definitely helps

Together with a fellow student who has retained for 30 years

But like all things, we had to leave school after an hour or so to leave him on his own to slowly adapt.

And that’s when the wailing started.

Loud, shrieking cries. I was quite surprised how the rest of the school was so nonchalant about the cries given that the ground must have shook a little. Must be an hourly occurrence for a childcare centre.

Not proud to announce that the crying is still continuing on his 4th day today.

But anything less than Summer’s 9 months of crying is already a bonus. Yes you read that right.Summer cried for 9 months – I am still waiting for my plaque from the Guinness Book of Records for this achievement. 

Why so serious?

Anyhow on a separate note, I am genuinely quite surprised and secretly impressed with what goes on Summer’s mind.

Some questions she asked me over the past week:

1. Who decided that A must be the first alphabet and Z the last?

2. What is the biggest number in the world?

3. Why did God create mosquitoes if all they do is bite me?

What? From a 4 year old child? 

I think when I was 4 all I thought about was when my next mealtime was going to be.

Kids say the darnest things