1 week into school, and… Zavier boy has not stopped crying whenever we send him to school. But positively, the length of crying has dropped from greater than 30 seconds to about 10 seconds, which is about the length of time me and Mama Toh walk from the school back to the car.

I would usually be ecstatic about this improvement, if not for the fact that him stopping his cries is due to… Summer starting to cry. 

WHAT? 2 years plus in school and there is a regression? These few days Zavier just stops crying and stares at his sister in bewilderment. And rightly so.

Oh well. Please let it be a passing phase.

Happy wanton mee time before school

Anyway the feedback from the school has been relatively positive, stating that he is quite a good eater and sleeper. 

What caught me by surprise is that he actually successfully attempted to feed himself over the weekend when we had a McDonald’s breakfast. 


He really is good- in everything food related.

What’s up

Meanwhile, Summer’s talent seems to lie in making funny faces.

Anyhow, long weekend coming up!

Remember to spend quality time with your kids and have fun!

These jokers have fun everyday though