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Post CNY

Finding it quite tough these days to blog given that work is getting busier these days. And the kids require so much oversight and attention at home. Plus recent weekends are now filled with family gatherings, admin and errands for the new house, and packing up our current house in preparation of our move.

And in those rare pockets of free time that we have, all I want to do is slouch on my sofa and drink a beer. Or two.

What we have to deal with on a nightly basis

We struck gold last weekend, when my sister-in-law and (very hopefully) future brother-in-law volunteered to bring BOTH kids out to the zoo on Saturday morning.

I suppose this is similar to the kind of euphoria felt by the $12 million TOTO winners last week.

4 faces full of joy

I think for a moment she forgot about us

Who needs parents when you have your latest BFF?

This should be a weekly activity.

Meanwhile, we had a brief moment of peace enjoying brunch.

So much beauty… in the beers behind Mama Toh

For once, brunch didn’t involve asking the kids to remain in their seats, or wiping the kids hands/mouths multiple times.

For a good 3 hours, my ears thanked me for silence.

In other news, we seem to have discovered Zavier boy’s very impressive hidden talent!

Drumroll please… he can… balance… building blocks… damn well!

Next time can be contractor

Pretty surprised given that we always thought he had no patience for many things! 


Don’t call me that la… paiseh

I promise to blog more regularly!


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