This blog is aimed to be an avenue for us to chronicle memories from our everyday life – this is its sole purpose.  Not to be taken too seriously, because what joy is there in life without fun and laughter?

The Toh Family like your typical young household with even younger kids – borderline dysfunctional, mainly chaotic, and totally loving. The protagonists of this household are…




Meet The Tohs

(from Left to Right)

Mama Toh

– 30 going on 13. Sometimes picks random verbal fights with Summer, the kind we last experienced in Primary School (‘You say I not pretty? You yourself also lor!’).

– Legitimately thinks that a Chanel is a valid, all-purpose baby bag.

Zavier Toh 

– The baby of the family, but only in age.

– Current verbal vocabulary is limited to ‘Papa’, which I am totally fine with.

Summer Toh 

– 3 going on 13. Hence the occasional tiffs with Mama Toh.

– Alternates between Princess Elsa, a good policewoman and a painter when asked what she wants to be when she grows up.

Papa Toh 

– The pacifier of the family. That is, I make sure everyone is happy.

– Jokes aside, I am the luckiest man in the world to have this family.