The past week has been a flurry of doctor visits, medicine feeds and fever patches.

Summer and Mama Toh both succumbed to quite serious bouts of flu and fever, each visiting the doctor twice over the past week.

Spirits still quite high when waiting for the doctor

Both of them went to school and work intermittently (slackers) and most of our weekend was spent self-quarantined at home. Not like the kids minded though, they must have watched like millions of hours worth of cartoons.

Also, I’m quite impressed by the durability of our thermometer given that we probably tested it more than a thousand times over the past week.

Teet. No fever. 

How can it be? Summer still feels hot.

Proceed to test temperature on multiple parts of her body until there is a warm reading.

Fall into a self-induced state of worry and feed Summer with paracetamol. 

If warm temperature cannot be found anywhere, proclaim that the thermometer is faulty.

The above, by the way, is Mama Toh’s logic.

Even Zavier boy knows that it’s crazy logic

Very thankfully, Summer was fine on Friday, which allowed her to go to school for her half-day Children’s Day celebration, together with her beloved Zavier.

From the looks of it, they enjoyed themselves

We bought cupcakes for the whole school and then quickly sneaked back home for some quality couple time watching a downloaded copy of Suicide Squad with dubious resolution. 

Still satisfying nonetheless. 

That was then followed by a merry-go-round of travelling, parking and walking whereby Mama Toh wanted to eat at Cafe Melba but changed her mind due to the rain when we reached, thereafter suggesting we eat sharks fin at Indoor Stadium but requested me not to park there due to the rain, and when we parked at Kallang Wave, did not managed to find the restaurant after 15 minutes walk.

Whereby I promptly sat myself down at Brewerkz and put a stop to the circus.

Which wasn’t too bad!

Anything rainbow is good

That pretty much spells the highlight of our long weekend, because the next 2 days were all homebound due to Summer’s fever coming back and Mama Toh’s flu which never went away.

Haha. The running nose which stayed. 

Ok bad joke.