So a brand new year beckons!

Happy New Year!

It does look like a very exciting year ahead for us, as our biggest milestone ahead is shifting house at the end of Q1. Quite sad to bid our humble abode goodbye after close to 7 years, but thanks to the kiddos we definitely need a bigger place.

A view to change car is also on the books, but if can only happen with your kind donation via PayPal. 

Just kidding. We take cash only.

After a pretty fantastic December where we had tonnes of quality family time, we faced the dreaded blues of going back to work and to school.

Act happy

On a scale of 1 to 10, Mama Toh and my level of dread is probably 5 or so, but it seems like to Summer and Zavier, it is about 11.

Yes, back to school blues hit them hard this time, and both are back to crying whenever we say bye to them at school. 4 days and counting. 


Haven’t yet thought of 2017 resolutions for the family on the whole, but let’s hope everyone progresses in health and knowledge! Mama Toh will add in wealth I’m sure.

And not regress like these 2 big baby wannabes

A lot to look forward to as a family! 

Everyone’s 2017 resolutions should involve spending more quality time with their families – it is never enough.

For those with children, don’t forget your parents as well! It’s quite easy to forget that they love you as much as you love your own kids – complacency does set in over time.

The biggest question of 2017 – how many fights will occur between these 4?