Some sort of virus seems to have hit us the past week, starting on Thursday when Zavier boy puked once in the evening while drinking milk.

And then another 4 more times throughout the night, which must be some sort of record. It became some sort of a vicious cycle, whereby he will puke whenever we fed him, but if we stopped him, he cried the sort of cry which wakes the whole family up.

Which is how the 4 of us only managed to get undisrupted sleep at 3 a.m. when Zavier boy finally got too exhausted to continue with this cycle.

The next day Zavier decided to purge everything out in one sweep via his bowels, which resulted in the LARGEST amount of poop me and Mama Toh has ever seen. Let’s just leave it there.

Listless faces the next morning

I thought that was it, until Sunday morning when I woke up with an extremely bloated feeling. 

I assume this is how women feel like when they are PMS-ing or pregnant. If I am right, I never want to be reincarnated as a woman because this feeling sucks.

Sucky enough for me to just take nibbles of food throughout the day and more ultimately, reject drinking a beer. What has the world come to?

Then I proceeded to have 3 bouts of diarrhea in a day.

The feeling is definitely much worse than having eye shadow put on me

But unfortunately, I wasn’t the worst off in the family.

Summer puked twice on Sunday night, while Mama Toh is on a 2 day mc today having puked once in the morning.

Unfortunately, this mini epidemic can only be attributed to 2 reasons:

1. We caught a gastric flu bug from Zavier boy. 

2. We caught food poisoning from a fried rice lunch on Saturday. The very pot of fried rice which I cooked from scratch. 

Either way I feel bad, given that Zavier didn’t mean for it to happen, and if it was really because of my fried rice, then I deserve to clean up all those puddles of puke without complaining. 

Oh well.

Happy kids 1 day before puke fest

Unfortunately a short post here given that not many photos were taken of all the sick folks (sickos?).

Let’s pray everyone gets well pronto!

Throwback to a happier Friday night