What a month it has been for me.

In probably the longest hiatus I have gone since this blog was started, I am now back after having one too many queries on when the next blog entry is going up.

And we are back!

The past 4 weeks have really flown by in a flurry, starting from the time I was bogged down with clearing work before I went on my 2 weeks reservist. And straight back to work with a 3D2N business trip.

And that, unfortunately, meant that I had to spend 3 days each week away from the family due to my army outfield exercise and subsequent business trip.

What a macho father

The 3 days in the army didn’t feel that bad actually, given that I actually consoled myself that around 300 other guys were also going through the same predicament as I was.

But the subsequent business trip was quite painful, especially when I was alone in the hotel at night and in the early morning. 

Ok it didn’t look like they missed me much apart from Zavier

Call me crazy but I did miss the daily drama and noise at home.

Now that I’m home I kinda regretted yearning for the drama…

Like how the kids competed to let me smell their feet

More regular posts coming up, I promise!