I’ve got a new excuse to explain the lack of activity here, which is the fact that after months of waiting and renovation, we have finally settled into our new place!

Whilst it is always exciting to move to a new place, the one we sold is full of nostalgia for us.

The place we bought when we got married, and subsequently had 2 kids.

So many happy memories

On the night before our move, Summer actually sobbed a little in bed. Quite perturbed, I asked her why.

‘Daddy you know actually I wanted to stay in this house forever?’

Oh man. That one sentence made it quite a sleepless night. Until I heard Mama Toh snoring and decided to follow her exemplary leadership.

Goodbye old house!

Due to the fact that the carpentry varnish still had some lingering smell and sometimes stung the eyes, we bunked in with my parents for a week.

Much to the kids delight… and Yeye NaiNai’s dismay…

One person in this photo is not enjoying herself

Only one person in this photo is enjoying herself

The kids had a ball of time staying with my parents, as it meant that there wasn’t a hard rule on what time they should sleep.

Most nights, they were contented to be able to stay up and watch whatever Yeye was watching.

Even if it meant watching the news

And finally, after 1 long week of squeezing 4 pax into 2 super single beds, we moved into our new home for good.

The most pressing thing which Mama Toh and I agreed to when we’re shifting, was the immediately get the kids to sleep in their own room, breaking their lifelong (no exaggeration here) habit of bunking in our room.

We made sure that they both slept in the same room for companionship, and that they had comfortable beds with high quality mattresses (thanks to Yeye).

Looks like they love it

The first one or two days were CRAZY. Waking up 3 to 4 times to screams and cries and subsequently requests to lie down and hug both of them.

Thankfully this has decreased to once or twice after a week, which Mama Toh now usually attends to.

It can only get better I’m sure!

Let’s make many more beautiful memories in our new place!