So here I am blogging from the bed with a beer in hand while Mama Toh and the kids are taking their afternoon nap. In terms of naps, I have to say that Mama Toh leads the kids by example. Well done!

We’re curently on a 4D3N trip to Phuket, and I have to say this is one of the most relaxing trips we have been on with our kids.

The TV and pool are the only things the kids need

Which just came at the right time actually, given that the last weekend I was diagnosed with shingles. Yes, you read that right.

It came as a rash that didn’t go away after 1 day, so the second day I went to visit the doctor hoping to get some cream for it and ended up being told that that was shingles.

The doctor was very slightly bewildered as he said that this usually occurs to old people (over 50 years old) or when your immunity system plunges due to stress. Logically speaking, mine should be due to stress.

Which is kinda disappointing to me, given that I have always prided myself as being quite the fit individual who always tries to push my limits. I guess the past 2 weeks when I tried to move my wakeup time from 5 a.m. to 4.30 a.m. (inspired by Michelle Obama by the way) really took a toll on me.

Oh well, time to take it slow and chill for the time being.

That is, assuming my kids allow me to chill and relax

We booked a short trip to Phuket some months earlier, with the intention to allow both me and Mama Toh’s parents to have a lighter ‘grandchildren workload’ given that there have been new additions to the families who require their care. And partly also to give Zavier boy a holiday before he starts school in September  (on hindsight this is a bit kua zhang for a kiddo who is not even 2 years old yet).

But hey, ends up that this trip is actually for me to take a break and slow down my pace.

Very rare couple shot

We’re staying at the Reinassance Phuket, which is quite serene and pristine. It is actually next to the Indian Ocean.

The waves are scarier than it looks

The exclusivity actually comes with a drawback, which is the fact that the place is quite far off from everything else.

We have to take a shuttle bus at an hourly interval to the nearest supermarket (the term supermarket is actually quite complimentary to the actual place), and the nearest shopping centre is like 1 hour away. ZOMG.

So we’ve been spending loads of time in our villa just swimming, eating and sleeping. Which Mama Toh grouses every now and then about being boring, but somehow enjoys the most (especially sleeping).

The kids seem to enjoy this stay tremendously, with Summer exclaiming every 2 hours that she loves Phuket. And asking every 1 hour if she can swim.

The simple things that make our kids happy

All in all, it’s been a good trip to recharge all of us (I’m guessing our parents back in Singapore as well), and we’ll be back in Singapore on Saturday ready to crush the Monday blue of work and school!

Just kidding. Monday blues can’t be fought. 

I think I don’t need to tell you who color coordinated the kids and herself