If you have a smartphone like probably 95% of the Singapore population, chances are you would have heard of this gaming behemoth released over the weekend called Pokemon Go.

When it was first released in the US, I read quite a lot about it via the various media outlets, and promptly dismissed it as being a huge waste of time.

But… over this weekend I saw one or two Facebook posts whereby my friends brought their kids out for walks in attempts to capture some Pokemon. That struck a chord with me- anything which is fun and allows me to spend time with my kids is worth a shot!

So I downloaded the app, and brought a fairly excited Summer out to search for Pokemon!

The first Pokestop was just opposite my parent’s place, so as we ascended the overhead bridge… Summer requested that I carry her.

Ok fair enough…

1 minute later after collecting the Poke balls…

‘Papa can we go to the coffees hope for a drink?’

Clearly this is not working out.

‘I would rather chill out than catch Pokemon’

Looks like my daughter is not too much of a Pokemon Go fan then. And thankfully so.

Whilst I can see what all this hype is about, given that the game really brings people out of the house for some much needed exercise (it is indefinitely better than lounging on your bed playing Candy Crush endlessly), there are some behaviour which I have witnessed in disdain:

– Parents who leave their children unattended while glued to the phone catching Pokemon. WTF? Where did common sense go to?

– People of all ages who walk on the roads and look at their phones to see where is the next Pokestop. Your next Pokestop might be at a hospital.

– Prioritising Pokemon over family time. Come on guys, it’s just a game.

You can capture Pokemon, or you can capture memories

Your choice.