Alas, some good things will be coming to an end soon.

Near Christmas period, no less

We’ve always been happy with the kindergarten which the kids go to, as it predominantly fulfils out few core criteria of being:

1. Reasonably priced
2. Non-air conditioned
3. Near enough to walk to without breaking a sweat

Through the years, it has come as a bonus to us that the teachers and staff are friendly, amicable and most importantly display an innate passion for kids.

It was kinda like a small kampung where everyone enjoyed themselves, and everyone knew each others’ parents/grandparents/helpers.

Unfortunately, as in real life, kampungs inevitably have to make way for globalisation and urbanisation.

Huh gong simi?

We were kinda notified that in a few weeks time, one teacher and the cooking auntie (err… chef?) will be leaving the school, and not by choice.

From the grapevine, the cooking auntie was asked to leave because now all meals are catered by an external vendor and no cooking is required anymore.

The teacher was asked to leave because she doesn’t hold a valid certificate, presumably in early childhood.

Heart breaking

Coming from banking, where such retrenchment exercises happen every other month, I am more or less numb to such news. But for it to happen in a small centre, where everyone was happy, is still quite a sad and disappointing event. 

From an efficiency standpoint, it is understandable that the cooking auntie is not required anymore. However, surely she can be retrained to do some basic cleaning or nappy changing for the younger kids?

Certificates are also important as credentials, but surely a certificate should not be a prerequisite to teach the youngest group of kids where games/fun is the core focus? Surely a passion for kids triumphs a piece of paper?

It is also to be noted that school fees for 2 kids should more or less be equivalent to the pay of the cooking auntie, and that of 3 kids to the teacher. Not that much of a cost savings is it?

Unfortunately the case seems to have been finalised and we can only wish the both of them good luck.

These 2 will always be grateful