School term has officially ended, and all the kids do in school now are play and practise their dance for the upcoming concert.

No lessons and learning at all – not like the kids are complaining though.

Weirdos at school

Back to the topic of school, it’s been 3 months since Zavier boy went to school and almost 3 years since Summer first joined as a clingy 22 month baby. How time flies! She’s now a 55 month clingy baby.

Thanks to the teachers who no doubt played a massive role in making the kids adapt to school, both of them do not cry when going to school, which really is ad big achievement for us, having lived through the times when Summer cried for 9 months.

So what they do now is say their goodbyes at the door, give us a quick hug, wash their hands as per the school rules, and quickly rush to the window to say goodbye again.

All sweet and nice

This week has unfortunately been a very busy week for me at work, with work spilling over 7pm almost everyday. 

Of course I tried not to disrupt my family time by taking some conference calls from home, but that does not allow me to give undivided attention to the kids. And there are times when I just had to stay late in the office.

So on the way home from work on the taxi late last night (late in my terms), I did a bit of mental calculation of how much time I spend with the kids every weekday.

– Between 6.50am to 7.30am when they wake up and go to school: 40 minutes

And assuming we leave work on time at 6pm or so and reach home at 7pm..

– Between 7pm to 10pm when Summer finally falls asleep usually: 3 hours

So there you have it, a pathetic 3 hours 40 minutes of family time, which I’m sure is much less for many others who work late on am daily basis.

Which made me wonder, would I be ok to stay late everyday for more money and progression (which a lot of banking folks do)? 

And miss times like these?

Made it in time last night before the kids slept

Bed time madness

It is a firm no for me.

No doubt to Mama Toh’s disappointment! Haha.