Back after quite a long hiatus, and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Vain pots

We’ve been quite busy with our visiting, and at times where we were not, we were busy enjoying some quality family time at home.

Selfie taken by Zavier who has now learned how to operate a selfie stick

I really enjoyed the past few days of break, spending time with the people who matter most. Well that’s like both our immediate families.


Mama Toh’s

And best of all…

Both combined

Like I have always preached, family is more important than anything else in this world and just by looking at these photos I am once again terribly impressed by my wisdom of this mantra.

The Lunar New Year also coincides with Zavier’s lunar birthday, reminding us of the fact that we celebrated our Chinese New Year 2 years ago at Mt. Alvernia with his impeccable choice of timing to be borne.

And the subsequent pain we all had to go through by leaving Summer all alone with our respective families for visiting.

Ah, the memories. 

Glad the best buds are together now! With their new best friend uncle chee yao

As we basked in his birthday, Zavier decided to gift me with 3 scratches on my face as he was throwing a tantrum one of the nights.

Received a weird look from my boss today but I think he was too nice to ask what happened. Let’s hope he thinks I slipped and fell due to stress and overwork. 

Another highlight of the past week was going to the kids’ school to participate in their Chinese New Year celebration! 

We always make it a point to take leave and join in whatever celebration the school invites us to, just because we know how much it means to the kids.

And it was totally worth it

As usual, there were quite a few kids whose parents didn’t turn up, and they had to be assigned to a separate table all the way to the back, which was a bit sad.

Of course the respective parents must have their own reasons for not being able to attend, but as much as possible, I think that parents should try to make it for such activities.

How else will you witness scenes like this?

The CNY mood is still in full swing this weekend with a few planned gatherings.

Can’t wait!