As you might have read, we are currently in the process of selling our house and purchasing a bigger one.

What you might not have read, is the fact that our new house (a HDB) cost us more than some of the private condominiums out there, albeit a much bigger one.

I guess he heard about the purchase price

Many friends and colleagues have queried my sanity and asked me why we spent so much on a 30 year old HDB instead of opting for a private apartment complete with facilities like a gym and swimming pools, which no doubt would make the kids very happy.

But sometimes in life, we have to look at our priorities and access practicality.

For us, what are important to us now are location and space.

Our current house is almost bursting at its seams, thanks to the enormous amount of toys the kids have, and also the sheer volume of clothes Mama Toh buys for herself and the kids. 

Apart from my Nerf guns, I remain quite a minimalist.

They are not solely for me though

That being said, while it is still manageable for us now at our current place of 84 sqm, we forsee that as the kids grow up and need more space for themselves, it isn’t going to be adequate. 

And so we went and got a 145 sqm place.

However, a 145 sqm place comes at probably 40% discount from the price we bought at in other areas, which brings us to the point of location.

I am very much entrenched in Bishan, having stayed there for 30 years and counting. There’s not much to dislike about this area apart from the house prices, but the draw for us is that it is very conveniently located. A MRT ride to Orchard takes us approximately 15 minutes.

Also with lots of cheap and good hawker food around

But most important of all, is the fact that my parents stay there and will never leave. For probably the rest of their lives.

I depend greatly in my parents for help with my kids – from the time they end school to the time we reach home, that part of the day is left entirely with my Mum (who also has to take care of baby Chloe full time).

[Note: I am also very appreciative to my in-laws who pick my kids up daily. In case Mama Toh gets into one of her jealous fits. Also to my sisters-in-law who once in a while tag along for the fun of it.]

Parental help should always be appreciated and not taken for granted!

My parents and their fools