A week later, we have seen a bit of progress regarding getting the kids to sleep in their own rooms.

At times it does seem like a throwback to newborn days, where we had to scurry and attend to every cry, even the faintest one.

But I guess (hope) it will be all for the better.

Stop encroaching on our space

Via this training though, it was quite amazing to see how kids learn to adapt.

First they come up with all sorts of creative ideas, like how they need to pee/drink water/attempt to poo every 2 hours and then request that you accompany them back to sleep.

Praying that Daddy & Mummy sleep with us tonight

Next they will resort to crying and whining to make sure you go to their room.

To eventually the stage which we have currently evolved into, where Summer resigns to her fate and instead plays the damsel in distress role by saying ‘It’s ok daddy, byebye and I love you’.


How do you respond to something like that?

Well, you say ‘I love you too princess’ and go back to your room to sleep of course. 

Anyway like all tough things, I’m sure this period will come to an end and maybe for the first time in years Mama Toh and myself can have a night of undisturbed sleep alone in our own room.

For now, we can only wait for that day to come.

Assuming these 2 jokers comply