For some unbeknown reason, the females in my family share a common trait. Unfortunately for me, it is the very undesirable trait of getting angry very often, usually over the smallest things.

Let’s take a look at the usual suspects:

1. Papa Toh’s Mum

The first person who smashed my notion that females are supposed to be docile when I was just a kid. Cross her path and you might find your eye twitching the whole day – that’s because she has been complaining about you to no end.

Did not hesitate to cane me relentlessly when I misbehaved or fared poorly in school. I think this might have been the catalyst of my chronic lack of ambition in adulthood.

I dare you to stare at those eyes for more than 30 seconds (Left)

Nonetheless gave us and her grandchildren all she has without asking anything in return. Everyone loves her.

I might have typed the above out of fear.

2. Mama Toh

Next up, the woman I married half suspecting that there is a very high probability of her evolving into my mother’s temper in later years.

6 years of marriage on, I have to say my gut feeling is awesome.

If you dare to undercook my meat I will rip you apart

Granted, her temper has kinda evolved from princessy fits when we were dating as university students (‘Tsk so hot! I don’t want to eat here! You want you eat yourself!’), to more mature adult rages (‘Summer you still want to throw tantrum??? You want Mama to beat you right!!’). 

There is a very strong irony, in case nobody noticed, whenever she says that sentence to the kids because it always seems to me that her tantrum at that time is much bigger than that of the kids.

Also known to be quite needy at times, lamenting that I don’t spend enough time with her alone. But when quizzed what happens to the kids then, keeps mum.

But still the chioest wife/mother around

3. Summer Toh

Last but not least is the youngest, but not any less feisty female.

The legend of Starlearners who threw tantrums and cried daily for the first 9 months of nursery. 

Thankfully that has tapered off, but little Summer is still susceptible to very regular pissy fits, especially when she doesn’t get her way.

Oi, kua simi?!

Also known to be quite needy at times, lamenting that I don’t spend enough time with her. But when pointed to the fact that I come straight home everyday to be with her, keeps mum.
Must be the genes.

Quite a few people know that I enjoy more beers than I should over the weekends, but none of them know the reason why.

Here you have it! 3 very good reasons!