The past week has been pretty hectic, both on the work and home side of things. But more at home to be honest.

My Mum didn’t feel too well and the doctor advised, or rather instructed her that she is not to carry any heavy load (i.e her grandchildren) for a considerable period of time.

Probably the worst offender based on size

While it doesn’t change the daily routine too much for is given that both our kids spend most of their day in school, some interim changes were still required.

And that’s when you pause to appreciate how lucky you are, or were, with the support rendered by family on your kids.

Never a quiet time with these two

I have always maintained that I am very fortunate in that aspect, given that both sides of the family are always ready to help out with the kids whenever such situations arise and both Mama Toh and me cannot take leave due to work.

1. My Mum is a full time care giver to my kids.

2. My Dad often volunteers to take leave to care for the kids whenever we are unable to do so.

3. Mama Toh’s Dad picks the kids up from school and to my parents’ place everyday.

4. Mama Toh’s Mum, though not 100% confident of herself, still volunteers to take care of the kids if nobody else is available. 

5. When (4) happens, Mama Toh’s sisters will also offer to help. 

Which was what happened last week

It’s the small things that we usually take for granted – we have to take a step back aad recognize that our kids are ultimately our responsibilities, nobody else is obliged to help out.

To my family who are reading this – thank you for everything and we love all of you!

The Lee sisters who are often at the mercy of my kids (and Mama Toh)

The Toh family who bear the brunt of my kids every single day

Family is gold!