Been slightly more than a week since we returned from Perth, and due to Mama Toh’s overly enthusiastic shopping of kids clothes, we still have 2 big bags of new clothes lying in the living room untouched.

Inertia makes me want to just give them away as Christmas presents instead of washing, ironing and then making space in the wardrobes for them.

Guess who looked after the kids when Mama Toh was shopping

Anyhow, some general points about our extended family trip to Perth which comprised 8 adults and 3 kids.

The gang

– Perth is most suited to driving masochists who enjoy speeding down expressways for hours, enjoying the thrill and freedom it gives. I am not one of these fools. Unfortunately I was the sole driver of one of 2 cars, and can only sigh in envy when the rest of the car takes a midday snooze after a heavy lunch.

Special shout out to my FIL who had to entertain the kids whenever they were awake

– Spotify is an excellent way to keep the kids entertained, albeit you have to be prepared to listen to the same songs over and over again. My FIL, never a music person, probably now knows the chorus to Fight Song.

– Be it rain or shine, the only umbrellas sighted in the entirety of Perth belongs to our family. My mum, my MIL and occasionally Mama Toh.

Here is proof

– When and where did Summer learnt how to use chopsticks?! During one dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Summer announced that she wanted to use chopsticks and promptly finished her bowl of rice with them. Kids are really amazing at learning new things.


– Zavier has an inherent fear of animals. We visited some wildlife parks which allowed us to feed and pat various animals like kangaroos, sheep etc. Summer relished the chance, whilst Zavier boy balked and wanted to view from far.

Summer and her new friends

Zavier with a very cautious view

I am very slightly concerned how Zavier boy is going to survive NS in future.

– The breweries in Margaret River are amazing. For both the views and the beer’s ability to numb me from my kids constant demands.

Brewery hopping

– Zavier somehow revealed his hidden talent of making funny faces. Not a lot of things can make me laugh out loud, but this is definitely one of them. 

Sausage lips

Most importantly, as always, very glad to have a successful trip with both Mama Toh and my families!

Always blessed when both sets of parents can hang out together.