A very long hiatus from blogging! 2 weeks without any new posts must be painful for the 10 or so faithful readers of this blog, 80% of whom are probably family members I see frequently.

But the Terribletohs are now back!

With a vengeance!

Ok probably over-dramatising it slightly.

But the past 2 weeks have indeed been pretty busy, which kinda feebly explains the lack of posts.

We just came back from a week’s trip from Perth, and the week before that was spent packing every night in preparation for the trip and clearing work in the office to prepare for 2 weeks away.

Forgive us!

Packing for the trip probably gave me some indication of the headache that was to come. 

I tried to delegate some responsibility to Summer by requesting her to pack her own hand carry bag. Extremely excited, she disappeared into her room for a good 15 minutes before coming out with a bulging haversack, hollering her achievement.

I took a closer look and I lo and behold:

– 3 teddy bears
– 2 bracelets 
– 2 books
– Nail Polish
– Snacks
– Nerf gun

Basically enough useless stuff to keep you entertained in times of war. 

Kill me. Now.

Half the stuff from this haversack was removed before leaving house

More updates to follow so hang in there!